RED: an immersive experience has ended

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The Experience

Want to know how you would fare in the Apocalypse?

Now’s your chance to find out!

RED is a 75 minute 100% interactive psychological thriller where your decisions matter, because in this show, YOU control how the story ends!


Up to 16 guests can explore our 4000 sq ft Apocalyptic set,

as you search for the information and equipment you need to survive!

Interact with your environment, engage our characters, immerse yourself

in our world, and see if you can uncover the mystery of RED. 


The Story

The world as we know it has ended.

A cataclysmic disaster known as “The Night of Fire”

has brought our once mighty civilization to its knees.

Survivors clamber together in makeshift camps trying to find lost loved ones, gather basic necessities, and just survive.

Information is sporadic, supplies are rare, and rumors are endless.


Its been one month since that night, this is your story now.


Are you ready?

The Chronicle

Enter The Chronicle, a near real time web based application that tracks your team’s progress so that you can take your adventure home. View your achievements, rewards, and other content all in one place.


What type of show is this?
It is a live action immersive Xperience. You will show up, we will give you the rules, and you’ll be placed into a story, on a themed 4,000 square foot set with 15 other guests, actors and special effects. Your job is to interact with everything and everyone around you to achieve your objective.

What is my objective?
TO SURVIVE! Do you have food, water, equipment to make it in this dangerous new world!? Your individual and team success will depend on what items you collect, what information you find out, and how you interact with the actors.

Why is this show different from other immersive shows?
Unlike other shows, here, your decisions matter. The choices that you make will dramatically affect the outcome, each and every time. No show will ever be the same! That’s not all, when you are done, we reward you for what your team uniquely accomplished!

What do you mean rewarded?
You make decisions, you change the story. These choices not only affect the action that happens during your Xperience, it also affects what information you receive afterwards. Those of you who barely had what it takes to survive will receive basic additional content, while those who came out as a force to be reckoned with, will receive premium bonus content. You can access your content in The Chronicle.

What is The Chronicle?
As you journey through your Xperience you will make choices, encounter characters, and find clues. You’re going to be too busy trying to survive to write it all down. Enter The Chronicle, a near real time web based application that tracks your team’s progress so that you can take your adventure home.
View your achievements, rewards, and other content all in one place. !

Is this an Escape Room?
You just got here, why would we want you to escape!? Our show does have some similarities with escape rooms but we want you operating on a whole other level. Like an escape room, you will get to interact with the environment, find hidden items and clues, and challenged yourself mentally but keep in mind that if you only focus on the environment, you will miss out on all of the unique stories of our characters. The best way to survive is to do it all!

What if I’m worried that if i go with people I don’t know, I’ll lose!
In the Apocalypse you won’t always get dealt the best hand. Team up with these strangers and figure out what it takes to survive! This is not a “win or lose” type game, there are no frowny faces at the end. Its the Apocalypse people, CARPE DIEM! 1 No matter the size of the party you will have just as much fun as the next group. We have seen many guests come as strangers and leave as friends.

Will I learn real skills on how to survive?
There are so many things we can teach you in this Xperience, and you may learn a thing or two while you’re here, but its mainly for theatrics and fun. For real world training, workshops, consultation, or corporate team building events, check out our Xperience Design and Consulting section. We’ll be happy to train you!

Is it safe?
At First Person Xperience, safety is our number one priority. Every Xperience has a trained safety expert who will guide you safely through your adventure. For additional information regarding safety please see our waiver agreement when you purchase your ticket.

It looks scary, is it scary?
Well… its not, not scary… I mean its dark and stuff but no one is going to be chasing you with chainsaws or jumping out at you. I mean, its pretty hard to interact with someone if they do that!

Is this only for physically fit people?
If you are comfortable with climbing a flight of stairs, standing, and walking you are good to go! For additional information regarding medical restrictions please see our waiver agreement when you purchase your ticket.

I’ve never been to Queens before, but i took the train and now I’m lost! HELP!
It’s ok! First, open Google Maps and type in First Person Xperience and then hit the blue navigate button you’ll be here in 5 min! We are right here next to the Pulaski bridge in the building next to the water. Wait for the stairs to the bridge and we’ll come get you!