First Person Xperience

Immerse. Interact. Xperience.

Upgrade your training and take your organization to the next level.
First Person Xperience produces customized education and training events for our clients using a combination of the experiential learning model and interactive storytelling techniques.

We provide dynamic custom solutions to solve your precise training challenges.

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First Person Xperience

Immerse. Interact. Xperience.

First Person Xperience

Immerse. Interact. Xperience.

First Person Xperience

Immerse. Interact. Xperience.


Government SERVICE

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) & Minority-Based Enterprise (MBE). We offer customized programs for your department in:

  • Leadership and Team Building

  • Scenario-Based Training

  • Cultural Awareness Training

    Security Consulting and Threat Analysis

Corporate SERVICES

With over 15 years of international problem-solving experience, let us help your company conquer its most pressing challenges.  

  • Resiliency and Problem Solving

  • Adaptive Thinking and Innovation

    Immersive Experience Design and Consulting

    Consulting on Military and Veteran Issues

"I think the next generation of entertainment is experiential entertainment... where people get out of the house and go get a unique experience."

Mark Cuban


Previous productions and experiences

Disaster Response Tabletop Exercise

We partnered with representatives from John Jay College and other nonprofit organizations to design, write, and manage a Disaster Response Tabletop Exercise.

When a simulated catastrophic hurricane hit New York City, attendees from the Port Authority, NYPD, Red Cross, and FEMA had to engage in a dynamic event that tested their response procedures and adaptability.

When the flood waters receded, the participants had learned about each other’s role in a disaster response while enhancing their organization’s capacity for future coordination.

RED: An Immersive Experience

We produced a 75-minute immersive experience where guests challenged themselves to survive the end of the world!

By stepping into the psychological thriller of RED, guests were transported to a terrifyingly enjoyable adrenaline-pumping adventure. Brimming with story, live actors, and special effects, RED entertained over 1600 guests across 221 shows.

RED was a 100% replay-able, immersive game, that placed guests into a 4000 square foot themed set, forced them to make decisions in real time, and rewarded them for those decisions. RED was the only experience in the world where our guests’ actions changed their story in real time.

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About Us


All of our programs are customized to meet your organization's unique needs.

Whether it is a two-hour team-building workshop for corporate executives or a two-week disaster response exercise for federal and government agencies, we approach every project the same way: "Immerse, Interact, Xperience."

We produce live events to educate and entertain our customers using unforgettable experiences combined with the intrinsic teaching of the experiential learning model.

Participants may forget what they are told, but they will not forget what they have experienced.


First Person Xperience has a diverse staff of professionals with a history of service in government, academia, and mental health.

What do our customers think?

"This was so awesome, I loved every second."
- Neil Patrick Harris

"This tabletop exercise was better than any I have seen in my military career."
- Lieutenant Colonel Dan McSweeney, USMC, Retired.

"I have been blown away by this evening!"
- Edward

"I never expected a Tabletop Exercise to be like this; it was excellent!"
– NYPD Representative

"It was an amazing experience the scenario and the actors are great!"

"This was the best exercise simulation I have seen, well done."
– Port Authority Representative

"I’ve been waiting for this my entire life, and you made it come true."
- Arielle, RN

"This was perfect, this is the future! You guys are really onto something here!"
- Lieutenant Colonel Michael Chagaris, United States Army.

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