Our Xperiences are exciting adventures where guests are immersed in a story, 
interact with real actors and special effects, and work together to complete an objective. Picture it as a live action choose your own adventure, where your decisions and actions dramatically impact the story path and ending. 

Our First Xperience

Is Here!

Extended Aug 11th through Nov 5th

"Three years ago, I started my quest to bring a revolutionary form of entertainment to life. Now, we are just a few short months away from making this dream a reality. Thank you for joining me on this adventure.
I won't let you down." 

First Person Xperience

First Person Xperience was founded in January 2013 by Daniel Gomez, an Army veteran with extensive combat and Special Operations experience. Having served as a Course Manager, Instructor, and Scenario Designer at the premier training center for US Army Special Operations, Daniel will transfer his military skills to the entertainment industry in order to bring live action adventures to those who want more from their entertainment.

Are You Ready?

First Person Xperience L.L.C

53-28 11st Long Island City, New York, 11101 USA

+1 (646) 808-4641